@kentthiry – Kent Thiry – Dear Mr. Rodriguez I am a former DaVita employee of 5+ years as a PCT

Nicola Scavello sent a message to Kent Thiry that said:

Dear Mr. Rodriguez
I am a former DaVita employee of 5+ years as a PCT II/preceptor to current and new teammates .My intentions were to further my career with DaVita. I was a dedicated teammate, held in high regards by my Facility Administrator.
However I was injured at work in August of 2017, I took a medical leave at doctors request in February 2018 and had to go on workman's comp.
In September of 2018 I had back surgery, my recovery and progress from surgery was slow which made it impossible to return to work with the limitations I had. In July 2019 I accepted a settlement due to the uncertainty of my recovery and future to provide for my children. In reference to the settlement, it was proposed that I resign from my position and advised not to seek employment with DaVita in the future.
I enjoyed working for DaVita with all of the benefits and opportunity DaVita has as a company ,I love what I do in Dialysis and the difference/impact I can make in the lives of our patients. Over the past 3 months I have made great progress in my recovery and am able to return to work but It saddens me to think I can no longer be part of the DaVita way.
Sir,The nature of this email is to implore you for help in finding a way that this decision can be reconsidered and give me the opportunity to once again prove my dedication and excellent work ethics to both DaVita as a whole and our patients. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Nicola Scavello

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