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Vinicius sent a message to Kirk Kerkorian that said:

Hello , it’s a honor even writing an email for you first of all , my name is Vinicius, im from Brasil 🇧🇷 but actually I live here in US , Kentucky for now , but I just moved here from LA , I have been to Vegas couple times , because of my addiction to casino haha , but that’s okay I actually won a couple thousand dollars haha , I’m here to show you my idea , it looks weird sending an email like this , since you probably won’t ever read , but I know if someone like you , who’s smart and successful get to understand my idea , it can actually work , I have been thinking about the perfect casino , where we could offer more than fun , or a meeting spot , like a daily relax thing , a way of almost living , like what if we had a tropical casino , like a spot with trees and nature , and of course a lot of games , massage places , restaurants Hispanic and South American food , even a big pool or even a gym why not ? the idea is actually offer stuffs for people who actually go to the casino on a daily or weekly basis , or even if they live far away , but spent enough money or actually show us that we are the first spot for them when we talk about casino , like they came to casino twice , but they live far away , we offer those people a gym or even a pool or discount in something , we reward them , so I’m sorry but If go to a casino like that , it’ll be my first choice when I go back to Vegas , playing , having a poool , gym and all that on the same place , And let’s be honest with all this immigration thing, and the quantity of Hispanic people we have that would be a big deal, that would be news , nature fun and food and a really South American casino on the middle of Vegas ...I don’t know if I could pass you my idea , but if I did I hope you liked it , thank you in advance 🙂 .. have a nice day .. and maybe If im lucky I wait for your answer

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