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Kia ora Keith Arts Culture-Upscale Brand Strategy New brand (Collagen Interpreter ‘TM’) investment seek. Tentatively – Keith Cozza email address

Solomon sent a message to Keith Cozza – President and Chief Executive Officer of Icahn Enterprises L.P. – Email Address that said:

Kia ora Keith

Arts Culture-Upscale Brand Strategy New brand (Collagen Interpreter 'TM') investment seek. Tentatively from about US$500 000 000,00 only to about US$1.2 billion as deffered revenue for 10years, as loan.

Duly,...regarding Beauty as the inventory essence of communications,...complementing the German Philosopher Alexander as well as acknowledging Greek god Apollo as well as
tribute to Greek philosopher Epicurus on creating a brand extension of 40 40 sport club, owned by Jay (hip hop star).

The proposed brand is briefly an interglomerate,...a corporate umbrella brand,animated to tribute Maybach Mercedes duly regarding Mercedes Benz, liberty and God, as well as remembering the shore operations by Marconi regarding the 'wireless telegraph', for the mass communications flagship brand family brand, implying hereby the audience of Autosport where Mercedes Benz is engaged in.

Duly observing "art of commercial media".

1. Strategy
According to appendices 03c; 05 05a, the pinnacle of the proffered
divine company interglomerate is revised from The People's Republic of
China- Leiyang to United Arab Emirates-Dubai, as thus...

New Strategy, previously unnamed:
In Obedience of Power supplemented by World Top Financial Centre
Crown, Balance Harmony.
This is regarding London versus New York erratic global business
centre ranking annulment:

U.S.A. motto-In God we trust;
U.K. (London)- Sovereign motto- God and my right.

Thus an aesthete and uphold of the "Centre of Now"- Dubai, which lies
within the Arabian desert..
Please note, key word 'desert'- inferring Closeness to God the Divine,
for a divine corporation and divine products.

Hence,... A balance and harmony of both the U.S.A. motto and the U.K.
motto by adapting to uphold being close to God, and wielding grace
leverage in the Arabian desert for the pinnacle- The Strategic
Management Level of Collagen Interpreter, duly upholding Bonacci-(good
nature) or virtue for the censor of effective projected communication.

Consciously,...the outpost units countries mottos:
Nice-France- (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
Mercedes- Uruguay-(Liberty or Death).
Note that these two countries uphold a common constituent of Natural
Rights A.K.A. American Dream-(liberty). Thus emphasising a true global
incubator proponent corporation offer.

Sir...I shall appreciate a hearing
For appendices 0303a, PowerPoint presentation, just start slide show and let go and patiently read and enjoy with audio.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

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