@Kohls – Kevin Mansell – I'm sorry to say I am leaving Kohl's after almost 18 years as a loyal

Elizabeth Sturgis sent a message to Kevin Mansell that said:

I'm sorry to say I am leaving Kohl's after almost 18 years as a loyal customer. Recent events caused more sadness than inconvenience.
Briefly, my home was burglarized in June 2019. My Kohl's information along with much more was stolen. I added a password for extra protection to protect my Kohl's account.
Yesterday I placed an order and found out from your associate that there was a different address in my file. I thought they had corrected it but today I was reading my "your order has been shipped" email and it had the bogus address. I called your call centers again and was told my order needed to be replaced and reordered. Then I was told they could try to intercept the order but it had to go to the main office to decide if the order would be sent to me or refunded! I spent 38 min. on the phone yesterday and 21 min. today!
I gave up! I cancelled my order as it was birthday gifts for my son Nov. 11. I wouldn't take the chance of getting it on time. I really liked Kohl's but it was very difficult understanding your call center associates ( I'm sure it's an overseas operation!) And them apologizing every other word did not help me- it just frustrated me more.
I know I'm a "drop of water in the sea" to you as a customer but I still wanted you to know you are losing a once loyal customer. it's sad that customers don't matter any more.

Elizabeth A. Sturgis

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