@KrogerNews – Rodney McMullen – 11/11/2019 Dear Kroger CEO, CFO, AND COO, My name is Amber Taylor. I am a

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Dear Kroger CEO, CFO, AND COO,

My name is Amber Taylor. I am a loyal shopper at Kroger stores in my area. On 11/10/2019 I was utterly embarrassed by a CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER and by the Point System for the Kroger loyalty program.
I shopped as I normally would and when I began my way to the checkout, the lines were long and there were only 2 cashiers available. One of the cashiers called for assistance and the manager Deneen came out. She clearly had an attitude that she was called to the front to assist. She looked at me and told me that she will help me. I made my way to her line and began to unload my groceries. I provided my Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards card for my loyalty account so that I can use my points to obtain my free groceries.
As I stated the lines were long and there was plenty of people around. Deneen then read me off my total and I informed her that I should have $10 worth of free groceries on my card. The agitation was then projected across her face. She then went on to tell me that nothing came up and maybe I am incorrect as far as having anything to redeem on my account. I informed her that I have gone through this multiple times and the cashiers are always able to get my points pulled up. She then pointed to her name tag, which is rude if you ask me, and said to me that she know what she is doing and the points are not there. I asked if she could call someone to the front to help so that way I wouldn’t hold up the line longer than what I was. She made it very clear that she knew what she was doing, and voided my order and TOLD me to call the number on the back of my card. Being courteous I did as I was told and moved to the side.
I called the number and the customer service agent was very kind. She informed me that there was no way they can see my point on their end and only the transactions I have made. She then advised me that I can log into my account and show my points to them and they should be able to assist me. So I got back in line and informed Deneen what was said to me. She did not want to look at my account and then called another cashier, (I did not get her name, but she was very polite and patient) and said to her “CAN YOU TAKE HER AND RING HER UP SO SHE CAN GET HER LITTLE $5 OR WHATEVER”, while motioning her hand in a shooing motion. Being the face of your company she did not represent it as she should. Customers and other employees were laughing and I was very humiliated. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I had the cash in my pocket to pay the balance but because of the service I received was very belittling and I did not feel comfortable, so I decided to not purchase anything. So I thanked the young lady for being so polite and informed her that I will not be spending my money here because of the service the MANAGER DENEEN provided.
As I got in my car I began to tell my husband what happened and how embarrassed I was in front of all the customers and the other cashiers. So I decided to do the right thing, I called the customer service desk and asked for the managers name, the young lady stated there are multiple managers on duties so she doesn’t know. I described Deneen and she gave me her name. I then asked for her last name and she hung up on me. When I called back I informed her the phone disconnected and I was waiting for Deneen’s last name, and she hung up again.
The Kroger store I visited is located at 8920 W 8 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220, my time of visit was 11/10/2019 @10am-10:30am.As a loyal customer, I think that the point system should be a little easier to utilize and there should be more ways that the points are redeemed. I have never been so embarrassed in my life and if this is the way this company is ran I will never return. I still have the points and don’t think I will ever redeem them.
Deneen should be made aware that now day’s technology is taking over jobs and she should learn to value being employed. I myself work in customer service so I do know how stressful the job can be. But still should have some type of empathy and kindness to take care of the customer to the fullest extent. She may need to be reminded that without customers she would not have a paycheck so she should learn to fake it until she can make it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and hopefully the issue is resolved with the angry manager and the point system.

Amber Taylor


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