@KrogerNews – Rodney McMullen – Hello Mr. McMullen, I just had the most infuriating visit to your store in Bloomfield

Lisa sent a message to Rodney McMullen that said:

Hello Mr. McMullen,
I just had the most infuriating visit to your store in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I have two autoimmune diseases so I always use clicklist, I’ve had several bad experiences at this store but it was the only store I could get a time at. I received the text, but couldn't remember what store my order was at so I called the number to find out. This will be important later in the story. So I headed to the store to pick up my groceries. When I got there and called the same number, they told me my groceries weren’t ready and probably wouldn’t be ready until late tomorrow...TOMORROW???
So I asked the associate, the same one that answered the phone when I called from my house, why didn’t you call me or better yet tell me when I just called you? She said they’ve been making calls all day! How many customers did they disappoint today? I asked to speak to the Store Manager. I waited awhile, but finally John answered. I explained what happened and that physically it is very difficult for me to get out. Wow! He went off on me about how difficult it is to do his job, the Company adds way too many time slots and they are at least two days behind. I honestly told him I didn’t really care about what the Company did to him and he proceeded to laugh at me. I am still shaking over this encounter, I told him my name and asked him to cancel my order, he said ok, whatever and hung up.
So it took me a week to get a clicklist time slot and now I don’t have any groceries and my illnesses prevent me from shopping in store. Every other week I spend at least $160.00-$190.00. There are already two stores I refuse to go to. Now what? I will call a friend to go to Whole Foods for me. I’ve called SM’s, DM’s and various other Executives and no one really seems to care. I think I’ve given Kroger the last of my money. I previously worked in retail for 30 years, I’ve never encountered so many people who hate their jobs and more importantly the customers. Here’s my Kroger Plus Card #418315597014..
Thank you,
Lisa Gahlau

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