@KrogerNews – Rodney McMullen – Hello, Mr. McMullen, I was at your store # 03500521, Bedford, Tx Harwood/Central Dr. I

Malissa M Juarez sent a message to Rodney McMullen that said:

Mr. McMullen, I was at your store # 03500521, Bedford, Tx Harwood/Central Dr. I have been a VERY loyal customer for years! I will no longer be using Kroger's. Kroger apps/ Kroger Gas due to the unprofessional treatment from your pharmacy. Allen Berry the Pharmacist himself, associates Amaris Blair, Maggie BaySinger were being very unprofessional as I was asking questions about my co pay. I had to contact your assist store manager over during this time Allison. Mr. Allen was belittling me as I mentioned, that I don't need him to stand there and talk to me like I am 19 yrs old. The associate was advising me "I not going to argue with you" I said your right, however she was yelling and raising her voice at the same time as the other associate, while the Pharmacist did nothing but was laughing in the back ground. Amaris, was standing in the back with a smurk on her face, chewing her gum laughing and talking under her breathe, as I asked her, what she was saying she was laughing and then ignoring me. The pharmacist went over to her and they were both laughing at this point. I said it wont be funny when you lose your job, Amaris replied yes it will, cause I wont lose it. The pharmacist again hearing this and condoning this attitude, with several other customers looking on. I made a complaint to your complaint desk, and feel that this issue will not be resolve properly, and deserve a formal apologize from your store. And as long as the above names will not be working at that location, I will continue to be a loyal customer, if not I will take my business elsewhere, a store that cares for their loyal customer like myself

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