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Mc. McMullen as I write this email I've now spoken with 7 people in customer service for Kroger & I'm still on hold i. Can't believe the amount of transfers to get a straight honest answer. I asked for the CEO's email & was told they can't give out. Funny, just hit google and here you are Mr. McMullen. I shopped last night @ Kroger, which in my community is a lovely store, recently re-modeled and offers some nice items that the other big store, Wal-mart in town does not.
As I wrote a check to pay, it was denied and the only reason I was given is due to Certegy, Called Certegy, no " live" person to speak with, just an automated system and it's again awful. Only reason, via automation was due to policy, which could be the number of the check, the bank you use, amount in which the check was written, etc. I know we live in a plastic world & admittedly I use plastic myself. However, how was I to know that the amount of the check was too large? My recommendation, you need to find a new 3rd party vendor versus Certegy. Appears to me Certegy discriminates. And by the way, Wesley the 7th & last person I spoke with @ Kroger today was great. He gave me the answer above, as Certegy denied due to he amount. I realize I'm only one customer of thousands you serve but it saddens me the lack of information & communication given simply because I wrote a check versus either paying in cash or using a plastic credit card. Again, you need to look @ Certegy seriously in my opinion as Kroger is their customer and they do a disservice to you.

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