@KrogerNews – Rodney McMullen – Mr. McMullen, I am writing you with regards to harassment ongoing in one of your

Jennifer Smith sent a message to Rodney McMullen that said:

Mr. McMullen,
I am writing you with regards to harassment ongoing in one of your stores, Hebron Kroger, in northern Kentucky. My husband has worked there for about ten years. He recently gave his 2 week notice to decrease his hours to part time as he found a better paying job with the US postal service. Since this time, he has experienced unnecessary and illegal harassment. HR and
management received notice via letter on May 11th. They said nothing to him until yesterday when Tim, store manager, called him into his office. He told him he didn't provide correct notice as he needed to fill out other paperwork. Also, Tim told him he could not keep his seniority as a part time status. Tim proceeded to demand to know what hours he planned to work now, even though my husband does not yet know his schedule. My husband told Tim he would allow him to know as soon as he received his schedule during next week's orientation. How can Tim expect him to know exactly when the schedule is not yet known? My husband has been coming in, when he is doing chicken in the Bistro from 0700-1500 for months/years. Now Tim, Amanda, and Charles are questioning his deli manager as to who told him he can come in at 0700. "If Ashley can do it coming in at 0800 then others can too," replied Charles. The issue is my husband has two artificial hips. He has doctor restrictions and has since he first got hired 10 years ago! Hebron Krogers' management has him doing work in violation of his medical restrictions!! Tony has been doing this without complaint for years. Ashley is much younger, without artificial hips, and without medical restrictions. This is a violation of the disability act and an unfair expectation that is now, suddenly being placed on my husband. If this bullying and violations of medical orders continue these last 3 days of my husbands employment, I will seek legal action. I have concerns for my son, a minor child, who may also receive bullying and harassment from management simply because my husband is bettering himself by obtaining a hirer paying job. This needs to stop now! Please address this with the Hebron management team: Tim (store manager), Amanda (assistant store manager), and Charles (assistant manager). Charles has a history of bullying already and has been addressed by higher ups. Thank you for your speedy attention to this matter. Sincerely, Jennifer Smith

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