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ROBIN CROCKER sent a message to Rodney McMullen that said:

Mr. McMullen, I would like to inform you of the way the Kroger Pharmacy in Jefferson GA. does business. I called in one of my 5 prescriptions last week, I stopped at the Kroger pharmacy drive through this past Saturday to pick it up. There were 15 cars in line ahead of me so I left thinking I would return at a less busy time. I tried again that day and the following day. Today 5/27/2020 I got off of work early and swung by Kroger to pick up my medication. There were 3 cars in front of me which I considered to be a stroke of luck. After 15 minutes the car at the window finally drove away. I sat for another 17 minutes until it was finally my turn. The young lady at the window looked up and said "someone will be with you in a second" and walked away. Okay I've waited this long, a couple seconds won't kill me. So I sat and sat and sat while cars piled up behind me. After 12 long minutes there were 11 cars behind me and my patience was wearing thin. I used my cell phone to call the Kroger pharmacy while sitting at the drive through window. Finally a young man answered the phone and I asked if they could send someone to the drive through window. He informed me that it was shift change time. I informed him that was not my problem and the cars were piling up behind me. Finally a young man came to the window and made the transaction. While he was waiting on me a pharmacist in a white coat started yelling at him. Not only was the pharmacy window unattended for 12 minutes but the young man who stepped up to take care of customers was yelled at by the pharmacist. When I came home I transferred 4 of my prescriptions to mail order. I am leaving one prescription with Kroger because it is simply more cost effective for me. I may be impatient and picky but I am not stupid. By the way I worked as a pharmacy tech in a family owned pharmacy in Decatur Ga. Filling prescriptions is not difficult and should not take a long time. Each pick up transaction should take no longer than 3-5 minutes depending on the patients needs. The Kroger pharmacy in Jefferson Ga. is the worst one I have ever been to. Slow, and not very knowledgeable, some can't even pronounce the name of the drug I am picking up which does not instill confidence that I am getting the correct medications. On my last visit they actually lost my prescription. I waited a half hour while they looked for it. The prescription had been filled and set on the rack but it had fallen off and was found under the counter. The one prescription that I left at Kroger will be transferred to another pharmacy if the price goes down elsewhere. I do not look forward to refilling it at your store but the difference in price saves me $400 a year.

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