@KrogerNews – W Rodney McMullen – Dear Mr. McMullen, From the time I was a little girl in southern Indiana holding

Ro Pettiner sent a message to W Rodney McMullen that said:

Dear Mr. McMullen, From the time I was a little girl in southern Indiana holding onto my mom's hand, I always knew as I followed her thru the Kroger that it was the best store...best prices, best goods, nicest place to shop. That held true until recently. A big new store went in about 15 years ago, down the hill from me on Hazel Dell. Not happy about commercial in my neighborhood. But it was the best store yet...great place...well run by a great manager, who got in trouble after a few years...gone. The store has suffered ever since...a series of bad managers...carts on the drive, lack of inventory, misplaced items on shelves. Awful. Finally a good lady manager named Debbie. BUT, the Marsh stores closed which left this store in the middle. Became overrun right away. Less and less staffing. Less and less goods, empty shelves. Now, you have added clicklist...insane. The big black carts block shopping. Then you added the shop yourself feature, so the inventory was reset to the most insane order of things yet. Gone are the beautiful serpentine shelves that marked the personal aisle. Now it's a straight shoot thru a store you cannot find anything in a logical place, you've got clicklist carts in the way, the store is empty of inventory half the time and the pallets are now stacked up in the aisle in an attempt to get the goods out on the shelves. What a mess!!!! Add to that the customers trying to ring up their own groceries as they go. It is truly a nightmare to shop there any more. I am going to be shopping late evening or early morning if possible to avoid the mess somewhat. You have destroyed all that was good about that store, and the front door displays don't even relfect a halfway welcome. They are continually lame or ugly. I hope somebody comes into town soon and opens up a store I can shop in again. Yours, Ro Pettiner, Carmel, IN CP: 317-846-4321

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