@KrogerNews – W Rodney McMullen – I am SO SICK and tired of having to argue to get your sale prices

Greg Hanold sent a message to W Rodney McMullen that said:

I am SO SICK and tired of having to argue to get your sale prices or having to return to the store because someone wasn't present who could have taken care of the issue. I shop at the store in Batesville, MS on Keating road. This morning I was at the store at 5:55 AM to wait for the store to open at 6 AM. It opened a few minutes past, which is very normal for this store and headed for the "on sale items" that was being promoted. Shrimp for $4.77 /lb on Friday / Saturday only with a digital coupon. I downloaded the coupon prior to going. I got to the store, went back to the meat department and .picked up several bags of shrimp which are 2 lbs / bag. At check out, they didn't ring up correctly. The coupon had been downloaded and the cashier felt I had the wrong shrimp. I took her back toe the freezer section and showed her the sign. Several other customers were there as well. THERE WERE 2 FREAKING SIGNS!!!!!!! but they still would not honor the price. They said someone from Meat department has to approve it - but no one was there yet. I asked to speak to a store manager - none were in yet. THIS IS HORSEPOOP!
You wouldn't like it if you were the customer... I HATE IT AS IT HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN HERE. The other local grocery is Piggly Wiggly. In my 6 years in the area, I had one instance where Piggly Wiggly had a wrong price marked and the cashier was able to make the correction immediately. Someone needs to get this store under control or I'll be shopping elsewhere.... and I assure you, I'm not the only one who was pissed this morning.

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