@KrogerNews – W Rodney McMullen – Mr. McMullen: Has your Kroger website been hacked? My Rewards record has been altered and

Julia Martin sent a message to W Rodney McMullen that said:

Mr. McMullen:
Has your Kroger website been hacked?
My Rewards record has been altered and the Community Rewards recipient I had listed is no longer available as a valid recipient in the search bar.

Attached is the email to Jennifer Esquivel at Kroger dot com addressing this issue.

I am Julia Martin, a lifetime Kroger customer.

For the last 6 years, I have linked
Holy Angels Residential Facility, 10450 Ellerbe Rd, Shreveport, LA 71106
to my Kroger Rewards card.
Every Summer I have had to renew this community rewards link on my Kroger Rewards card.

Today, I went into my Kroger Rewards Account on Kroger dot com website to renew the link for the coming year.
To my surprise, I found:
- My personal account showed I now had NO community rewards link at all!
- When I tried to re-link Holy Angels Residential Facility to my account, I found
Holy Angels Residential Facility, Shreveport, LA 71106 is no longer listed as a valid
recipient in the searchable list!

I checked with 2 friends whom also list Holy Angels as their Community Rewards recipient. They reported the same rewards account alteration and disappearance of Holy Angels from their searchable recipients.

I then called Holy Angels Residential Facility at 318-797-8500 asking if they had severed the relationship with Kroger Community Rewards.
They said no - in fact they had cashed a check from Kroger Community Rewards just last week; the person I spoke to had just mailed the 'thank you' letter for that donation.
I left an voicemail message with Kristen Powers, Holy Angels' Director of Development informing her of this situation.

I then called Kroger - using the 800 number on Kroger dot com's "Need Assistance? Call us" link.
The young lady who answered my call suggested that I email you, Jennifer Esquivel of Community Rewards for resolution.

This concerns me greatly;
- When was my account record altered by dropping the Holy Angels Community Reward link?
- How many of my purchases have not counted toward rewarding Holy Angels?
- How many other people who had linked Holy Angels had their Kroger Rewards account so altered?
- How many of their purchases have not counted toward rewarding Holy Angels?
- When was Holy Angels Residential Facility dropped from the searchable list of valid
- What caused these problems?
- When will Holy Angels Residential Facility be restored as a valid recipient?
- When will my (and all the other) "lost purchase contributions" be restored to Holy Angels
recipient account?

Please acknowledge receipt of this email and provide answers to my questions.

My son lives at and is lovingly cared for at Holy Angels. I want to ensure that all revenue streams to these true Angels are not interrupted.

Julia Martin

You may contact me at the phone number listed on my Kroger Rewards account.

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