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Well Mr. McMullen, After over 40 yrs. of being a Kroger customer, I will be one no more. the last visit in the Warsaw In. store was the straw that broke the camels back.. now they have taken out 3 or 4 rows of registers and put in self serve stations...Are you kidding me...long lines at the registers that are left.... customers frustrated....and I for one like talking, or asking questions to people, not a computerized machine that locks up or has to have an associate unlock the thing every 2 minutes...also your Marketing Dept.... What the hell are they teaching them in School? Their idea of moving items around all the time is ridiculous...their thinking of if we move stuff around customers will look at other items while they look for the items on their list is not the way to do it... when I make a list out...it's done by each isle...I can go directly to where my list item is and HAVE time to look at other items in the isle... but when you move everything around and I have to spend extra time going back n forth to find it or try to get help finding it...I Don't Have The Extra Time To Look at Other Items Because I've Wasted MY Time and I'm ready to leave... (Which now takes longer since the self serve stations have been installed) also Kroger has stopped selling around 6 or 7 items we used to get there....Customers should have options.. not take them away and leave them with just KROGER brand...if I want to try Kroger brand I'll do it but if not I want the option of other brands in front of me...and lastly, why would a major store take a Good selling product and put it on the TOP shelf where some customers can't reach it...example....Coffee Mate, sm and lg containers... I've helped older customers 3 or 4 times get the item from the top shelf, that should be an item that's right at eye level and easily accessible!!! Oh and who teaches the young kids how to bag groceries??? you don't put meats in the same bag as a box of laundry soap, or bug spray in with vegetables... Well good luck holding on to your customer base, I for one have had it and from the complaints I've heard from other customers....sounds like Meijer's and Walmart will be gaining what you have lost...

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