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LAB CORP and WCPF&G “SUPPRESSED the TRUTH!” God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound th- David P King email address

WAYNE sent a message to David P. King – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings – Email Address that said:

God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; THE BIBLE
Lab Corp, WCPQG, HHCFCB, and FPKC are liable for all the positive or false positive drug testing during the years (1999-2003) for participating in the cover-up of the truth. Dr Huber who gave (false) testimony in several cases (all won by Lab Corp)in Miss., Ga., Fl. and AL. We will gather the aforementioned cases along with the others who did not challenged the results fearing they would lose or to poor to challenge.
We have Dr Huber the lab director who gave an employee an award for finding a specimen in the garbage! Godwin the lab supervisor in her deposition states she order two white females and others to take specimen out the garbage! Lab Corp former employees who has taken hundreds of specimen out the garbage! GAME OVER! CHECKMATE!
Mr. King “CEO Lab Corp” when your investors find out you could have settle this; for your share a little more than a million: What are you going say?! I have reduce my demands because my family needs help. But if you decide not to settle I would have no choice but to continue to fight for justice! There has to be an honest law firm somewhere! I would be ashamed to be apart of anyone of these law firms!
WCPFG don’t let Quinn racist acts destroy your legacy.
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