@labcorp – David King – Dear Mr. King, On May 24, 2018, my wife and I utilized a LabCorp facility

Bjarke Hansen sent a message to David King that said:

Dear Mr. King,

On May 24, 2018, my wife and I utilized a LabCorp facility in Fairhope, AL. Prior to our visit, she inquired as to whether LabCorp contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield and whether it was in network. Your representative contfirmed this, and we both made appointments. At the appointment, we, again, asked for confirmation, which we were given. Unfortumately, we are now told that this was not correct and that your representative should not have given us this misinformation.

While Blue Cross Blue Shield has a contract with you in the state of Alabama, it does not in the state of Florida where our physician is located. So even though we have insurance, this date of service is being treated as out of network with MUCH higher charges than what was originally discussed with your representative when the appointment was made and when the blood draws took place. After numerous calls to your billing department, wherein they acknowledged that we were given misinformation, we were advised that the best that we could be given would be the "cash" amount, which is still well above the rates that you honor through your agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield, our health insurance carrier.

My request to you is that you review this and extend the contract rate for our invoices as we were clearly led astray by LabCorp and NEVER intended to utilize a facility that was not in our network/contracted with our health insurance carrier. LabCorp should not penalize and take advantage of its patience for its failure to provide accurate information.

Thank you for your time, and I look to a response.

Bjarke Hansen

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