@labcorp – David King – Due to what I was told yesterday, there has been a change in procedures. Because

Nancy K sent a message to David King that said:

Due to what I was told yesterday, there has been a change in procedures. Because of this I was injured in your lab. The technician told me they are no longer able to use butterfly needles. Well, every time I get blood drawn a butterfly needle is needed because my veins are so thin and it is difficult to draw blood from me. So, the technician, after consulting with another technician, used what she called the smallest needle which is incorrectly told me was the same size as a butterfly needle. Thank God I only had to have one tube of blood drawn yesterday. The procedure hurt from the very beginning. She went right through my vein, had to back it out and had the other technician help her. By later yesterday, I already had a big bruise with a welt underneath it and my arm is swollen. This never happens when a butterfly is used because not only is the needle smaller, but the technician is able to gently slide the butterfly in almost horizontal to my arm, and the extra tubing allows for the blood vial to be inserted without causing any more pressure on my arm. Perhaps Labcorp is trying to save money, but instead you are hurting people! I did reach out to the supervisor of the lab Ms. Patel by phone and she assured me that in the future, I will be able to have a butterfly needle at that lab. However, when I went back to the lab this morning to not only show my bruise to the staff, so they know exactly why I need a butterfly needle, but to make sure that Ms. Patel did in fact call the office and have them mark my chart that I was approved for a butterfly needle in the future. Yes, Ms. Patel called and informed the staff, but the staff told me that there is no way that can make a note of that in my records. REALLY! My record contains a lot of my personal information, why can't it contain this? There is no guarantee that when I return next time for blood work, that the same technicians will be there or that they will even remember.

I would like to send you a picture of my arm so you can see the injury. I would like to be assured from you, in writing, that whenever I go to any Labcorp in the country, I am approved for a butterfly needle - no questions asked.

Perhaps, this new protocol saves Labcorp money, but it doesn't help patients like me.

Fro the next week or so, I will be walking around with a bruise about 1.5 inches in diameter on my arm, and I am prepared ro tell anyone who asks how I got it.

The Labcorp I visited is located at 10 Forrestal Road South, Princeton NJ.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to a timely response.

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