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Dear Larry Ellison

My name is David Mashiku, I was born in Tanzania Africa and grew up in Columbia South Carolina. I went to high school in Kijabe Kenya at a boarding school called RVA( Rift Valley Academy) and graduated in 2007. I am currently a college student studying to be an electrical and automation engineer at Bohai University in Jinzhou China. The reason I have chosen to study in China is because since a studied in the American system of education my transcripts where not able to be translated to the British system of education which is what Tanzania currently teaches in for reasons unknown to myself. I have received letters from the governing university council in Tanzania explaining that my transcripts could not be translated.
The reason I write this email today is to ask for help so I can finish schooling In China, get my degree and build my business. I have 3 more years left of schooling that I need to complete in order to earn my degree. During my year in China I received inspiration for a product that I am currently prototyping to complete. I completed the proof of concept prototype during my first year of schooling. The device I have been prototyping is called “The hourglass generator system”. The system is designed to work by using the potential energy of falling sand to create kinetic energy to turn a turbine attached to the shaft of the power generating motor. The initial prototype was created to provide charging current for portable electronics. My family instructed me to make the design bigger so it can provide energy for entire houses. I developed this system to provide electricity for rural areas in my country where power lines have not reached. This will provide a way to light the night by using nothing more than sand that is available everywhere.
Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to read my email. I look forward to hearing from you for any questions or concerns you may have. I also look forward to you being a part of this venture every step of the way.


David Mashiku

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