@larryellison – Larry Ellison – Hello, my name is Lauren Ruiz, I am a 17 year old senior at Centralia

Lauren Ruiz sent a message to Larry Ellison that said:

Hello, my name is Lauren Ruiz, I am a 17 year old senior at Centralia High School, and I am a survivor. I grew up in Littlerock Washington. At the age of six, my parents started the process of what would become an extremely long and rough divorce. In fourth grade my father was given a jail sentence. At fourteen I was no longer seeing my dad. Eventually we were able to mend our relationship and we are currently closer than ever. We lost homes to foreclosure and have finally settled back down in Littlerock buying a new house! At age 15, on February 26th, 2017 I was raped by someone who I believed to be very close to. At this current moment while I am writing this, we are 11 days away from trial. This has been over a two year process, let me be very clear when I say the system is highly flawed. When I came forward about the assault the following day, I was taken to the hospital. Surrounded by people who loved me it still did not take away the awful things that people said and posted about me. People that I was friends with from a very young age. Seeing friends that you would have done nearly anything for turn their back on you to protect a well known person is one of the worst experiences I have ever had to face. I never went back to my school and for the next two months rarely left my house. From this, I knew that I was going to start an organization. I have started an organization called Survivors Society, our goal is to become a global organization offering scholarships and support to survivors of sexual assault, abuse, bullying, and harassment. As a senior, I knew that before I graduated I would launch my organization and in the next year offer scholarship help to those who need it. My objective is for my organization to become an outlet and safe place, not many people talk about the fact that there is no age, or gender exempt. Both men and women are affected by these horrible acts, we must come together and speak up. I would greatly appreciate any help and support that your foundation could offer.

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