@larrymerlocvs – Larry Merlo – 1-15-19 Tuesday-Dear most hon. Larry Merlo, Pres-C.E.O. OF CVS.Today i went to

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1-15-19 Tuesday-Dear most hon. Larry Merlo, Pres-C.E.O. OF CVS.Today i went to your cvs#644 at 8430 new utrecht avr/18th ave/95th street, brooklyN ny store ~2pm. store 718-2342-4204 to get 3 heart meds-digoxin,warfarin,carvidroloI gave your head pharmist john B-my name,phone#,birthdate. he charged me $1.30 for digoxin, then I went to TRY TO buy some reEses candy in same store and tried to use my cvs caremark 1"x2" caremark card.WAS REJECTED. I went back to John who said there were 2 such id cards but i only had one. when i got home i called 1800 shopcvs and was told my cvscard 4764922761352 had been given to someone else because i had not used it since December 30th2019 just 15 days ago. your cvs customer mgr said someone was using that card number now-WHY? THE RECEIPT FROM MEDS WAS 7542 00183528383213[NOT THE CARD# I HAVE], UPFRONT THE CARD# WAS 7542 00183989164551. uNKNOWN CARD#. tHE CARD I HAVE WAS ACTIVATED1-17-2017 WHEN I HAVE AFFINITY HEALTH, THERE WAS A PROBLEM 9-30-20WHEN I SWITCHED TO FIDELASCARE AND CVS REPLACED AFFINITY WITH FIDELAS AND I KEPT ALL MY POINTS. THE PHONE NUMBER I USE HAS BEEN THE SAME PHONE# SINCE 1952 AND AT THE EXACT SAME ADDRESS, JUST TRANSFER FROM HUSBAND TO WIFE TO ME NOVEMBER 1ST 2016 718-331-3835 1111 SHORE PARKWAY, BROOKLYN NY 11228. WHY WAS MY CVS CARD GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE AFTER LESS THAN NO ACTIVITY FOR 14 DAYS? THE CVS PERSONS INVOLVED SHOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS ASAP, IT IS A FEDERAL *HATE* CRIME TO ABUSE PERMANENT DISABLED SENIORS LIKE ME, FOR 1989 FEDERAL-STATE-CITY LAWS. PS-YOUR MANAGER TRANSFERRED I THINK MY OLD CVS CARD ENDING IN 1352 TO 4872322175423 EFFECTIVE 4PM 1-17-20 FRIDAY. I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP-INVESTIGATIONS INTO THIS![PS-I SEE YOU WENT UNIV. OF PITTSBURGH, I WENT TO CARNEGIE-MELLON UNIV. 1970-1974 AND GOT AN ENGRG. DEGREE THERE]

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