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Attention: Mr. Larry Merlo, President and CEO, CVS
Sir I am sending this as a complaint, hoping someone can get the problems at our local CVS Pharmacy straightened out. I have been trying for the last several days to get a blood pressure medication refilled, they did not bother letting me know they could not get the medication, I have been without the BP meds for several days. My Physician changed the the meds and called it in. They said they did not have it and would have it by the next afternoon, they did not, I notified my physician and saw him the next day, June 18. He changed meds and put me on a new med. At about 5pm. I left the Doctor's office and they advised the knew prescription had been called in. When I went to pick it up, they said they did not have an order for it (about two hours later) but they had filled the prior 2 meds we had tried to get, which I refused do to the changes my physician made do the their incompetence. The person at the window wanted to argue so we left. Tried to get the new med today and they did have it but they filled a blood pressure pill also that I could not take,, The girl on the phone argued that it had not been changed, I told her what was going on, she said I was rude and I then hung up. Your employees are incompetent and argumentative, I am still without my meds and I do not drive, no way to get there until I find a way. Who is head of Pharmacy regulations in the US, Is it The American Medical Association, I live in Indiana. I need to file a formal complaint.

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