@larrymerlocvs – Larry Merlo – Hello and thank you for this opportunity to contact you. My name is Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter sent a message to Larry Merlo that said:

Hello and thank you for this opportunity to contact you. My name is Nicole Carter and I am the owner of AJA Acres. AJA ACRES is a minority women-owned hemp farm seeking to place our CBD products in your stores. Our products are made from hemp that we have planted, grown, harvested and our products are manufactured on site. We never use fillers or isolates and our ingredients are all natural.
We believe in the healing effects of CBD as well as the importance of minority inclusion in the industry. Our goal is that you will consider placing 2 or 3 of our products in your stores. In doing this our minority business has an opportunity to compete and thrive in the CBD industry. In addition, your minority customers can also see themselves reflected in your stores through our products.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest grade hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products on the market. We strive to make products that can help people with chronic pain, disabilities, anxiety, or anyone who wants to improve their general health and get a good night's sleep. We even have pet treats and drops.
Finally, our farm is located in beautiful Lincoln County, TN and we hope to partner with the Tractor Supply Company a leading Tennessee institution for support. We were so pleased to read about your Supplier Diversity Program. Together we can lead our state on minority inclusion and social equity as related to the CBD/hemp industry. Please find our information and link to the vendor package below and enclosed.

Best Regards,
Nicole C. Carter, CEO

Website: www.ajaacres.com
Vendor Packet: https://www.flipsnack.com/AJAACRES/ajavendor.html
Support Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/small-business-suffering-due-to-covid19
Email: Nicole@ajaacres.com
Phone: (800) 613-0989

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