@larrymerlocvs – Larry Merlo – Hi, I just went to your store in 5301 Alamo Ranch Parkway San Antonio TX

Maria sent a message to Larry Merlo that said:

I just went to your store in 5301 Alamo Ranch Parkway San Antonio TX 78253 to get some sale Halloween chocolates and candies, in hopes of bringing them with me to the poor in the Philippines. All of the Halloween stuff is in front of the store with mark 50% sale. So I grabbed some candy and chocolate bags, when I went to pay for it, the cashier goes, you are not getting this on sale! I go well look it is marked 50% off. She yelled back "do you know what Select means? Do you know what that word means"? She sounded very defensive and condescending. I asked for the manager and she goes, I am one of the managers here!. My daughter told me mom lets go its not worth it. I asked for her name. She wrote it down Samantha and she added I am the only Samantha here!! Tell you what I left the store and I told myself I will never ever step foot on that store again. Or any CVS Store. I will not get my prescription filled there any longer. WalMart is always happy when I go there for their after Christmas or after Halloween, I buy all of their stuff on sale. But CVS no way! From now on, I will put all my prescription in HEB Pharmacy across the street. Terrible attitude, terrible service. I will still get some chocolate and candies for the poor children of the Philippines at WalMart but Never at CVS. Ever.

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