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Mr Merlo,
My husband & I have both retired from At&t and are mandated to use CVS for our insurance. We have done this for many years with an average amount of satisfaction. However, in the last 3 to 40 months our CVS has failed us many times. 1) We have gotten a text or email telling us a prescription was ready & once we got there they did not have it ready 2) We were enrolled in a program that would refill a prescription on a certain date & have both experienced those prescriptions not being refilled-even more annoying was when we called to check on it the recording on the line assured us they would be ready on the ready date-last example (and there have been more) was a prescription that was suppose to be ready on October 25 and I called on the 30th-the recorded information was that it would be available on the 25th-I stayed on the line to talk to someone and she said they would have it ready the next day (the 31st) by 9pm..I explained we were going out of town & she said that was the best they could do-I called the next morning & it still wasn't ready and I once again was told they couldn't guarantee anything before 9pm. Remember-this was suppose to be ready filled by 10/25.2) Last week my husband took a prescription in and they said 20 minutes so he waited-40 minutes later they ask what he was waiting for & when he told them they said sorry we don't have this medicine-3) I got a text that I had a prescription ready & my husband went to pick it up-it was a prescription that had zero refills and wasn't suppose to be refilled-no my doctor didn't call in a refill-4) yesterday we dropped off 2 prescriptions and the man told us they didn't have enough to fill one of them-he said they would have to order it and it would be in next week-we ask if he could give us what he had & then order it for next week and he agreed-as of this morning we hadn't heard anything so I called the pharmacy-they said they only had 1 of the prescriptions and one had to be ordered. So the guy yesterday not only didn't order the prescription but he didn't put in for a partial fill. I am getting ready to complain to our company's benefits because we are being forced to use a pharmacy that is giving horrible service. Very very disturbed with the lack of competence for this pharmacy-

James Saltsman
Karen Saltsman
CVS 6216
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