Last Thursday Feb. 15 my wife and I werehurrying from Mountain Home to Springfield to – Gregory L Henslee email address

Jim Bodenhamer sent a message to Gregory L. Henslee Chief Executive Officer and President of OReilly Automotive Inc. Email Address that said:

Last Thursday Feb. 15 my wife and I were
hurrying from Mountain Home to Springfield to catch a flight when we heard a strange noise in the front of out car. I looked and found the underpinning had come loose. We did not have time to return to Mountain Home and get another vehicle. To make a long story
short I saw the OReilly store in Gainesville and ran in looking for duct
tape. I explained the problem to a nice young employee with a beard and he
said he would look at it. He did some adjusting and solved our problem without the duct tape. I tried to pay him but he declined. Bottom line we were able to continue and catch
our flight. I did not get the young mans name but just wanted you to know it was
such a relief. I have always used the OReilly store on Main Street in Mountain
Home and you can bet I will continue as
well as tell others about our experience.
So glad you have the store in Gainesville and employees like him.

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