@LasVegasSands – Sheldon Adelson – Dear Mr. Adelson,Last year District 219?s Hebrew program developed the first ever public school

Samuel  sent a message to Sheldon Adelson that said:

Dear Mr. Adelson,

Last year District 219’s Hebrew program developed the first ever public school exchange program with Israelis. This program enhanced recruitment for the Hebrew program and allowed us to expand the Hebrew program to over 75 members, one of the largest Hebrew programs in the world. Accounts from the trip in 2017 drew raving reviews. At the end of touring we spent a week living alongside Israeli peers in Carmiel. Last year, our second year, 15 Israelis from the same school came to Chicago for 10 days where they learned about the culture, attended Niles North, and were generously hosted by the families of our students. Former President Mollie Chez wrote in her final induction speech that she “learned so much about” herself and was taught “so much about the various cultural differences between Israel and America” from the trip. With your generous contribution we hope to make this year’s Israel trip available to all Hebrew students, regardless of financial situation. A donation of any magnitude would be greatly appreciated and we will ensure to put your name on our trip’s shirt. The images will be sent to you and throughout the Jewish community, and possibly other news sources. By supporting D219’s Hebrew Honor Society’s efforts your business is enabling the next generation of Israel advocates and providing a rare opportunity of experiential learning.
Unfortunately, the cost of the program is preventing students from signing up. As a result, we need your help. It is our mission to provide this invaluable experience to all students regardless of their financial situation which is why we are requesting to join in partnership with you! Any and all help is greatly appreciated. The entire financing operation behind what will be a wonderful trip is student led by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity to become one of our sponsors for the 2018-2019 school year, please contact us via email at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you in advance for your consideration. We hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


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