@leesahukee – Lee Shaukee – Dear Mr Shau-kee, I apologise for my unsolicited email, but I run out of options

Carmen Llorente sent a message to Lee Shaukee that said:

Dear Mr Shau-kee,
I apologise for my unsolicited email, but I run out of options in trying to save the charity I work for. Youth Engagements Solutions Ltd (YES Ltd); based in London. Charity No. 1163850.
We are a charity that works with disadvantaged children and young people and their families, providing health and wellbeing activities through one to one support, participation in sports, education, training and employment.:
a) prevention activities target children from poor educational and/or economic background that are in danger of being excluded from school or being targeted by street gangs.
b) Intervention activities for those over 18 so they stop being street active and pursue further education or employment.
Despite several attempts on securing funding we found ourselves in the blink of closing down. We, a small team of workers, have taken the Christmas break without pay and we all dread to go back to work on the 2nd of January as failure to have secured £25,000 we will need to inform our 800+ customers that YES will be closed down.
I have given my time for free and desolated small savings and my pension to keep the charity afloat to no avail. This is my call for help in the odd chance that you may be able to help.
I am aware that you may be bombarded with similar requests and apologise again for taking your time to read this. If you could help please donate though our website: www.yes-ltd.org.uk where you can find more information about our work.
Yours sincerely
Carmen Llorente- CEO. Youth Engagement Solutions Ltd.

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