@lennar – Stuart Miller – Dear Ms. Rogers and Ms. Blankenship,Approximately 30 days ago, Customer Service from Lennar (Andrew)

Richard Asperger sent a message to Stuart Miller that said:

Dear Ms. Rogers and Ms. Blankenship,Approximately 30 days ago, Customer Service from Lennar (Andrew) stopped at my residence to look at a problem. We are having sever drainage issues with standing water on our side of the property line. Our neighbors (Fall) 26 Colibri Bank Lane constructed a pool and added landscape that heightened the slope of the natural drainage.  Andrew went and inspected the site and advised that the residents at 26 Colibri Bank Lane constructed a birm and planted large trees and bushes too close to the property line. He advised me that the HOA should be monitoring the construction issue and landscape plan as to not interfere with the natural drainage system. He advised me that he was surprised that the HOA would have approved this rear yard and the way the plants were planted. He also advised me he would be sending you , Zenzie Rogers, and his supervisor about the issues of the drainage. I am retired and at home every day. I have not seen anybody inspect the problems I had brought to your attention before and after Andrew from Customer Service had advised me he would also serve notice.  I briefly discussed the rainforest at 26 Colibri Bank Lane and Sarah Fall told me in a curt fashion that everything she has done was approved by the HOA and that she was advised by Ms. Blankenship that I was constantly making complaints about her. I find this to be very unprofessional on the part of Leeland Management and Lennar. I also sought legal consultation that the HOA , Architectual Review Board is responsible that a project of this sort would be monitored and that the proper landscape would be developed as to not disturb the natural flow of water. The grass on the right side of 34 Colibri Bank Lane will not be able to be cut in the future approximately 24 inches from the boundary line. The swamp created by this debacle creates a safety issue and liability for anybody cutting this grass. I would like a phone call and a time when we can meet to see this situation. At the last virtual townhall meeting I asked you Ms. Rogers if all large size palm trees and plants must have approval. And you said yes they do. Please call me at 505-470-8571...

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