Let me start off with that I have been a Sony customer for a very – Andrew House email address

Nelson sent a message to Andrew House President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. that said:

Let me start off with that I have been a Sony customer for a very long time. But in the last few years your products has left me with a bitter taste. The poor quality of your products has resulted in me using a warrenty on four of your PS4 controllers, a PS3 system and now out of warrenty PS4. PS4 being the most recent. I have been hung up on by your service reps, have been told I cannot talk to a supervisor, and I would give you ID numbers/ operator numbers of who I talked to but they give you nothing but a generic first name. If you have issues with the rep how are you suppose to know which rep I am talking about? When asked if I can have operator numbers they told me they don't have any. Now being asked to pay 150.00 plus taxes for repair on my PS4 system which is about half the cost of buying it brand new for a defect in your system the issue I am having with the system has nothing to do with anything I have done and is internal and at this point a customer that has been with you since PS1 is now going to move on to Microsoft. Due to your poor customer service and your poor quality products and the lack of any customer satisfaction has lead me to the point I will NEVER purchase any other Sony product again. It all could've been solved by a more reasonable price of service on your product that your firmware update caused and nothing by my own actions. I write this in hopes that you might read this and maybe restore my faith in Sony.

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