Letter of complaint – Hi Sherry, This is my third attempt to – David H Long email address

Jerry sent a message to David Long €“ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Email Address that said:

Hi Sherry

This is my third attempt to get an answer to my questions. I still do not understand why a draft is not being issued for ACV on the underestimate on the dining room s.f. of 41 s.f. I see you are issuing one for the painting for the ceiling again. Again do not understand why a draft is not being issued on the under estimate on the s.f. of 41 on the dining room. Never got a good explanation for this. I doubled check your figures and it is not part of the $2443 draft being sent , that draft is just for the the OP based on your estimate figures (which I mentioned to you I believe to be below the usual and customary overhead and profit for Houston, Texas) . Further, I have asked you over the phone and by email letter, to please inform me on how you arrived at your depreciation values, which seems quite excessive (from my own adjusting experience in settling natural disaster losses for insurance companies, in fact a lot of companies I've worked for on natural disaster losses waive the ACV and pay the full claim). I considered your depreciation values to be overly excessive (as I have said to you in a phone discussion and by email letter) what you have done is put an undo financial burden on me to finance the repairs with my own funds how can you depreciate granite 30%? Hardwood like granite/stone can last time a lifetime but you depreciated the hardwood floors 75%. As an licensed adjuster and from my training as one for more than 13 years I know depreciation is not something arbitrary it's based on a certain formula. In addition I was never given an adequate explanation on how the you arrived at the figures your have for profit and overhead which comes out to a little more than 6% OP roughly by my calculation from your estimate sheet which is quite low and not customary Houston area usually about 10% on material and 10 profit . I had to point out to you that you were in violation of TDI bulletins B-0045-98 and B-0068-08 before you release the funds that should have been done initially in accordance with the Texas Department Insurance, stated customary insurance practices expected when settling losses in Texas. This is my last attempt to get explanation from you or your superiors to my question, I've sent a copy of this complaint to your CEO David Long. Next time I will be calling his office telling them, I'm going to file a formal letter of complaint of bad faith with Texas Department of insurance concerning the settlement of this claim. I feel as your insured I'm being either ignored or stonewalled, (neither which work) concerning my concerns. I sent you a email on Friday March 25th and here it is Tuesday March 29th still no response from anyone. As a insured I am expected to pay my premiums fully to the tune of $2800.00 plus dollars a year and cannot pay part of it, I must pay all of it or my policy will be canceled. As a insured and you Liberty Mutual as my insurance company I expect you to deliver on the promise portended in the policy and to treat me fairly which I feel you have not done and make me whole as insurance was intended to do before one experiences a loss. Insurance companies are in unique position one of fiduciary responsibility and trust with the public a promise to deliver on the words that are inscribed on pieces of paper. for their are merely just words if the promised portended is not delivered on, which is sign of misplaced trust and bad faith. I pray my words fall on on empathetic ears and I be made whole as promised in the policy if a loss should be suffered by one of your insureds which I am. I await a response to my request and for this matter to be settled amicably.


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