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Mr. Storey,

Today marks the first anniversary of the signing of our first contract with CenturyLink. As of today, we still do not have all of the services we contracted for one year ago. In the past 25 years, I have worked with a number of telcos installing service in many locations and I have never had a worse experience trying to become a customer. I hope that this e-mail reaches you or someone who cares about the CenturyLink customer experience.

We are a small company with a single location. We were sold a voice and data package that should have improved our service and reduced our costs. What we got was a year of frustrations and broken promises. We are not talking about a big, complicated installation, just a single fiber drop to a single location. There is no reason why this should have taken over a year to accomplish.

Before you suggest that I talk to my sales rep or his supervisor, I have been trying to work with them for the past several months. They appear to be as helpless as anyone else. My primary contact now is Sam Awad, Field Sales Director, and he generally avoids my calls and e-mails. The only other person who regularly contacts me is the collections agent, because we have yet to pay our bill. We would be happy to pay for the services that have been delivered, but no one can tell me how much that is.

Rather than wasting your time with a very long e-mail describing the entire nightmare to you, I would be happy to be referred to the correct person who can really help me.

Regretfully a CenturyLink customer,


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