@libertymutual – David Long – Hi Mr. Long, My name is Mary Jo Wehler, and I was a Policy holder

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Hi Mr. Long, My name is Mary Jo Wehler, and I was a Policy holder for quite some time. I started out with Auto Insurance in 2007/2008, with you. I liked your company so much I had my whole family cars and eventually my Home as well. 2019 I had been dealing with a couple leaks due to the type of piping originally installed in these homes. I had the most recent claim on September 11/12th and I filed a claim as I should if I need to get it repaired. Aaron Vigil was assigned to my claim. He came out with a water detector and spent maybe 20 minutes looking at the room and front of wall. Decided it was a small hole in the concrete that had caused all seepage and climbed up 7.5 1/2 ft to cause all this water damage and that I was not covered due to not having flood insurance, In New Mexico. Regardless to say I got a 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion and they all say that this was a pipe that burst and that had the adjuster looked at the inside of the roof, would have seen the fast leak. To this day Aaron Vigil and his Supervisor and their supervisor (no-one from Liberty Mutual) are saying they are going to stay with his decision. I have not repaired this wall due to Blue Sky Adjusters advice since they are now handling this obvious runaround. Sir, there is a lot of video(s), pictures and timeline that has been substantiated, however none of your NM, Colorado representatives are following through or checking into this. It's like it is just a burden to them to have to do their job for the customer. This needs to be addressed because I am not going anywhere, and its plain to see these adjusters in the Midwest are giving your company a bad name. It's true, I found a few websites that are bashing your company due to people who don't have your same interest at heart. And last but not least, Liberty Mutual forced me out by doubling my Insurance premiums. From $1500 yearly to $3300. Now my house size or condition has not changed to warrant to double my Insurance Premiums. I don't know who you have in charge for these areas but please look into that. You have already lost me thanks to these shenanigans.

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