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Lili Avalos sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation - email address that said:

Lili Avalos

1448 W. Meredith Lane
Pueblo West, CO 81007
719 248 6736

April 25, 2017

To Whom This May Concern:

I am writing this letter to see if there is any integrity in the car dealership business.

The facts are below

• Purchased Car in Boulder 3/22/2017
• 2006 Toyota 4 Runner VIN # JTEBT14R060063571
• Rust Damage / Dealer stated rust was because car was from NY, but would not get
worse and was just superficial rust.
• Purchased car and set an appt. with Pueblo Toyota 3/24/2017 to mount spare tire and do an Inspection
• Toyota could not mount spare tire and stated vehicle was in good condition except for severe rust damage, could not install spare tire, and informed me that it may cost double to do repairs in the future because of rust damage.
• Took car to Pro-Masters Auto Body Shop on 3/24/2017 and they informed my son that the rust was severe and they would not attempt to repair, but estimated costs to repair the rear end to be $6,000 to $7,000
• Reviewed on internet and there were several complaints about rust damage on 2006 Toyota 4-Runners, Tundras, and Tacomas from N.E. States. Comments were also made that the vehicle with severe rust damage could be unsafe to drive.
• Took car to individual who restores cars and he said the rust was so severe and car was not worth repairing and unsafe and he would not let his wife or family drive it.
• Took car to custom care repair shop to review rust and install spare tire and they concurred that the rust was severe and unsafe and could not install spare tire.
• I called Pro-Masters Auto Body Shop to confirm what they had inspected and if I could give his name and phone number if asked.
o He informed me that rust was so severe that if he attempted to secure spare tire, that the frame holding it was so thin he could not guarantee it would not fall off.
o He also informed me that as the vehicle gets wet the frame becomes weaker and could start to crumble.
o He also gave me an example that if I was rear-ended the frame would crumble because it was so thin.
o He said the vehicle would be unsafe to drive.
• I drive 25 miles each way to work on the highway at 65 miles per hour and cannot imagine what would happen if pieces of this car would begin to fall off.
• I have not driven car since I took to Pro Masters because I am afraid to and have kept it in the garage while my safe vehicle is outside.

If Boulder Nissan can do a laser frame inspection by a certified frame inspector and give me a
detailed report that tells me the car is safe and can mount spare tire and insure me it will not fall off I would be happy to keep the vehicle. If not I am asking for Boulder Nissan to cancel the sale of the 2006 Toyota 4 runner that I purchased on 3/22/2017 and return my cash deposit of $2,000 and reimburse me for the gas it took me to drive it home and the extra key I purchased. I am afraid to take it back to your dealership, but if I must I will.

Why am I writing all of you, you may ask? As I was researching the problems with the 2006 Toyota 4 Runner I relied on the Service Record details provided by Toyota, that I had no idea I had free access to from their website until this situation. In reviewing these records it appears this vehicle has been passed down a lot including the Toyota dealerships I have included in this mailing.

In my consumer mind, I thought since the vehicle was so old with such little mileage that it was rarely driven and the owners probably traveled on the subway since the original owners were from New York and the car would be fine based on the dealership assuring me that it was. During my research, I also found out that New York was one of the top ten cities with flooded cars. Since you are the experts when it comes to valuing vehicles, It appears that all of you knew my car was unsafe and worthless except me. You are the experts and I cant imagine that you did not know this as well.

After several weeks of crying, praying, and researching I decided to write this letter. I know salesman have a reputation of being deceiving, but to sell a car that you know is unsafe is the ultimate.

I am hoping that one of you have a conscience and will take my vehicle as a trade in and find me my dream car a 2006 (Black, Gray, or White) Toyota 4 Runner Sport Edition V8 in good condition with low miles for no more than the $17,000 that I have already paid.

I will continue to see if I have no other recourse or investigation measures since I am not able to drive this vehicle and cant afford to throw away $17,000 which I am sure is nowhere near what you paid for the vehicle.

Any response would be appreciated.

Have a Blessed Day

Lili Avalos
1448 W. Meredith Lane
Pueblo West, CO 81007

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