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@lincolnfingroup – Dennis Glass – Dear Mr Glass, I don\'t want to sound like a scrounger, because in real life

Kingsley Nnawuba sent a message to Dennis Glass that said:

Dear Mr Glass, I don\'t want to sound like a scrounger, because in real life I\'m actually a hard worker who has fought through so much hardships to achieve goals, stayed tops in my class, done volunteer work, yet life has treated me somewhat unfairly... I don\'t know you personally, but I\'ve read of your amiable nature, and thus believe that if this message reaches you, God might bless me through you...

The thing is, I come from a struggling African family with a mum who is underpaid despite over 35yrs as a primary school teacher and a dad that is a trader. I have a strong desire to study medicine and improve the well being of the less privileged in the society. I\'ve seen the poor suffer so much due lack of good healthcare facilities in our society. On this note I applied, highlighting my desire to aid rural communities access better health care, to which the St George\'s University in Grenada, offered my humble self a partial scholarship worth $72,000.

Sir, i\'m not a US citizen or resident and therefore cannot access any US loans. Accessing loans from my home country here in Nigeria will be almost impossible as my family lacks collateral, and I must repay it back monthly during the 4 year study period.

Sincerely, my family cannot afford the rest of the tuition which is why I\'m humbly seeking for any help you can render me, be it a loan or grant, in any way you feel touched... I\'m willing to sign any binding documents. If it\'s okay by you sir, I can forward all proofs to show that I\'m not a fraud. You could also call the school with my personal information to confirm from them if I\'m being dishonest.

Please sir, any help rendered will be directly to the school\'s account and not to mine... If my tuition is settled with them, I don\'t mind scrubbing floors to pay for living expenses whilst studying... All I plead is an opportunity to study. If this touches you, please don\'t look away... Help me.. please.

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