@lincolnfingroup – Dennis R Glass – Sir, As a retired Ford Aerospace Engineer having purchased 5 Lincolns in the past 1

James Hochstetler sent a message to Dennis R Glass that said:

As a retired Ford Aerospace Engineer having purchased 5 Lincolns in the past 1.5 years, and getting ready to change my Bl;ack Label MKZ for another, I am writing you in disgust over the financial services of Lincoln. When I leased my wife's MKX 2 years ago, it was advantageous to pay the full 2 years up front, instead of monthly. Lincoln received the money, invested it or whatever and I didn't have to worry about payments.
I was then told about the Lincoln "forgiveness" program whereby a buyer could exchange up to 3 months early before the lease expired, AND it so happens that you also were encouraging MKX lease holders to trade in their cars with a bonus in addition to the Z plan price.
Fine, so I did that, I purchased an MKX for my wife and then requested the 2 months payments already made be reimbursed since I no longer had the car. I was told that "tough" I'm obligated for the entire lease. This is contrary to what sales told me (above) and the encouragement to move out of the lease early.
I am requesting from you the $1100 I am owed. I don't care where you find the money, petty cash maybe, but you can't treat Ford retirees this way.
I am disgusted with your contract company who sells/services your Lincolns also. My 2 daughters brought in their MKX and MKC which I got for them, for an oil change and was presented with a $300 bill each. This was for the "advanced" 3500miles away services which would have given them another 2-3 months as teachers to save up for. AND they were never warned this would happen. AND, the lift gate on the MKX still is intermittently working/locking.
I presented this problem to the David McDavid personnel over 10 days ago, and of course have heard nothing from the GM or financial people. They don't care, my situation is not important to them. Well Sir, it is important, and I hope you deal with this company accordingly. Of course I will probably feel the repercussions and if I do, you will be notified of that also.
I hope you read this and act upon this financial loss of $1100 for reimbursement to me, AND deal with this company who does your sales/service work.
My daughters have already told me they will not be getting another Lincoln or Ford after this lease is over because of these issues. I hope your actions will help them abandon these notions.
James Hochstetler
Retired Ford Aerospace Engineer NASA, Houston
214 862 0900

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