@lkqcorp – Robert Wagman – I am reaching out to you today because of a situation at your facility in

Larry Williams sent a message to Robert Wagman that said:

I am reaching out to you today because of a situation at your facility in norfolk va. We purchased a remanufactured left cyclinder head from you back in march of this year. The part was installed I drove my vehicle for 2 days and had to take it back cause the part was leaking. The dealership had to file a claim to get a new part for your company. Well the new part was installed and there was still a leak. It was leaking from the oil galley plug that someone had removed. Tour company suggested to job weld it. Well now that the part is fixed and now running with no supposedly leaks now my vehicle sits waiting on your company to pay there part of the bill. Well no one in your company knows what's being paid I'm talking to one that says the they are only paying 3 4 hundred dollars but the service advisor is talking to someone that says they are paying 8 9 hundred dollars. I know in this time of this pandemic things maybe running slower than normal but I've been without my vehicle for almost 3 and half months. I'm in need of my vehicle back for work it has put me in a bind being without my vehicle this long. In all reality since I only drove my vehicle for 2 days your company should pay for the whole bill. But it would be great to get a better reasoning on what is being paid besides a bunch of back and forth mess. I need my vehicle back and your company need to pay what they need to pay so I can pay my part and get my vehicle back. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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