I writing this letter with a high level of concern – Clifford Hudson email address

Debra sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. that said:
I writing this letter with a high level of concern as to how the management staff handled and employee write up or therefore lack of write up. And I also want to discuss the known pedophile Terry that you have working at your establishment.
My son was fired from Sonic today due to him not coming to work after a call to notify management of his absence. I understand that Texas has a write to fire without notice, however I feel some type of dignity would have been given during this process. I hope that it is not your common practice to release someone from a job in front of other staff and not have a private conversation. Also I hope it is not common practice for your management to follow a person to agonize and argument, which is exactly what happen. The other thing that was really disturbing was Wendy called his sister who was at home screaming telling my daughter her version of the story. My daughter did not want to be involved in the situation because this problem did not include her. Wendy was yelling into my phone as if she ran my home and as if I was required to listen to her yell. As I explained to her I have been in management and understand that this situation should be kept between on the parties involved. I would appreciate it if she did not call and involve someone that was not being written up and or fired. This is a violation to discuss someone’s personal file and or employment stats if it is not HR or Direct management.

The other issue that is very disturbing to me is you have a known pedophile working at a store with young children. Taking pictures of them bending over and asking if he can watch them bend etc. I feel this is a serious issues that should have been addressed prior to my son being yelled and humiliated in front of other staff and customers.

I’m not writing to get my son’s job back but I do feel some job coaching at this store is needed. It appears that management has not handled several situation correctly and it is changing the temperament of the whole environment.


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