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Dear Marvin Ellison,
My name is Jena’e Johnston, I am DIY improvement home owner. This is a complaint and a compliment letter about the employees at the Yuba City, Ca store.
Back in June, I purchased kitchen cabinet online. Due to the pandemic there were many delays. When I finally received the cabinets in the middle of September. One cabinets drawer front was broken. Another cabinet two of the draws the brackets in the back that hold the drawer inside were broken.
I went into the Yuba City, Ca store to talked with someone in the cabinet department who could help me with ordering replacement parts. The individual who ordered the parts said the parts will be shipped to my home. Weeks later I still had not received these parts. I called and talked to the same individual who order the parts. She told me I will find out where they are and call you back. She did not call me back.
I ordered kick plates for the cabinets. When I went in to pick them up there were others orders there, I had no idea what they were. The individual said it was a cabinet return form a different time. After getting home. I immediately called back to the online pick person, asking her if the boxes could be the replacement part and if she could check please? Again, she said she would call me back. No phone calls.
The next week I called and talked with Randi she has been amazing with helping me. She at the time was with a guest and said she would call me back. SHE DID she told me that the individual who ordered those parts was not in and she would relay the message having her call me back. Again, that individual never called. Yesterday October 29th, 2020 I went in to the Yuba City, Ca store, to my surprise Randi was there. She again was AMAZING. I told her my situation. Randi went to the back spent 15 minutes looking for my replacement parts and came back with the drawer replacement. She could not find the brackets. While waiting I noticed that the brackets on your display cabinet are the same that I have. I asked her If I could take those.
She called the manager they said “NO” Which was very disheartening. “Why not make your guest happy and make a memorable moment?” Randi re-ordered the brackets and told me she will contact me if they arrive at the store. I Thanked her and told her how much I appreciated her follow through and kindness.
Please, please honor RANDI!!! (in the cabinet department) For her above and beyond guest service she provided. Her patience, kindness and follow through are appreciated. After dealing with so many of your employees who were un willing to help not follow through and unprofessionalism. Randi was a great example of how employees should handle a situation with your guests.

Thank you for your time,
Jena’e Johnston

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