@lowes – Robert Niblock – Dear Mr. Ellison I'm sorry to disturb you, but I feel like I have no

Anthony Mills sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Dear Mr. Ellison
I'm sorry to disturb you, but I feel like I have no where else to turn. I tried the customer service line a few times just to wait 40 minutes and then get disconnected. My problem is that I purchased 30 pavers stones. I picked up 15 of them and was told that the other 15 would be pulled and ready when I come back. When I returned they were not pulled and I was told that there was nobody available at that time to pull them. I couldn't wait so I returned the next day to the same thing. The last straw was when my landscaper went to pick them up and he was told that they were out of stock, so I went back to the store to find out how they could sell product that's already sold. I was very upset because if I didn't get my order that day I would have to pay the landscaper for another day. Your customer service rep. Ashley was very kind, patient, and professional. Though she couldn't really help me, she calmed me down. A manager by the name of Koya overheard what was going on and stepped in to help me. She refunded the balance of my order and directed me to closest store that can accommodate me. I was able to get my stone, but unfortunately not in time to finish the job on time, so I ended up wasting time, gas, tolls, and money for an extra day that was totally your store's fault. It's only because of Ashley and Koya that I'm still a customer. So now I'm asking if you can do something about this. Thank you.

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