@lowes – Robert Niblock – Dear Mr. Ellison, I had a terrible experience at one of your stores this evening

Tim Breen sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Dear Mr. Ellison,
I had a terrible experience at one of your stores this evening, so I'm writing to you in hopes you will take immediate action to prevent others from having the same experience.
I placed an online order with the South Nashua Lowes store this morning. I requested curbside pickup to minimize contact with others. I arrived at the store this evening to pick up the order. I parked in one of the designated curbside pickup spaces. There was a sign in the space that instructed customers to call the store and an associate would bring my order out to the car. However, when I called the store they instructed me to come into the store. They said they needed to confirm what I ordered in person. I asked them why they couldn't use my order number. They were insistent that I needed to come into the store. So I went into the and discovered a long line of people waiting to pickup their online orders. The line was close to 100 feet long, and it didn't move a step for 20 minutes. So I am now exposed to everyone in line plus other shoppers walking past the line. This of course totally defeated the purpose of curbside pickup. When I finally reached the register, I was asked to sign a form saying I received the order using a pen that everyone else had used. This set-up could not be more ill conceived. I was and still am irate. Your company lured people to the store under the impression that it would be safe and it was anything but safe. The store manager should be fired!

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