@lowes – Robert Niblock – Dear Mr. Ellison, I?ve been an avid Lowe?s shopper at your Simi Valley store for

Mimi Furgiuele sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Dear Mr. Ellison,
I’ve been an avid Lowe’s shopper at your Simi Valley store for years, but our latest experience with the Newbury Park Store has convinced my husband and I to NEVER buy another appliance at Lowe’s. 3+ weeks ago we needed to purchase a new BBQ. Rather than purchase another Char-Broil my husband decided to purchase a Weber Model S-335 for $1049.00. Your salesperson, Phillip, who was very nice, was convincing about “you get what you pay for.” The store advertising stated that any BBQ purchase of $399+ included assembly, delivery and haul away. The store did not have the model in stock but assured us they would have it by Tuesday, assemble it and have it delivered by Thursday of the following week. We did not receive the BBQ as promised nor did we receive a phone call updating us as to why. When my husband went to the store he spoke to Philip and a customer service rep. He was told that the two Webers that were delivered to the store showed signs of damage when unboxed so they had to wait for another delivery. Now it would be assembled and delivered the following week. When we finally received the BBQ it was during days that my husband works (he is a first responder and works the graveyard shift) so I needed to wait for him to install the propane tank. When he did this on his next days off there was an issue. You could smell the propane, you could get spark but the grill would not light. We searched YouTube videos to see what we were doing wrong but could find nothing. Because of other household issues, we had to wait until his next set of days off during which we returned to the store and spoke to Candy who told us we were the second purchaser to complain about this same issue and she suspected that whoever assembled the BBQ did something incorrectly. She told us she had an employee, Jesse, who used to do the assembly that she would send out this past Monday (another four day wait) to both us and the other party to see what was done wrong. I waited for Jesse to call me on Monday regarding his arrival time. When I heard nothing by noon I called the store and again spoke to Candy. She told me Jesse was sick but that we were at the top of her list. We heard nothing yesterday. Today my husband called the store and actually spoke to Jesse who is now telling us that he really no longer does assembly work and he’s not sure when he can get out to look at the BBQ since they have him busy doing things at the store. Having worked in retail myself, this level of customer service is inexcusable. My husband has now requested a refund and they will be picking up the BBQ tomorrow. I can’t tell you how frustrating and upsetting this whole experience has been. We BBQ almost everything and now have to start this process over again somewhere else! We have been looking at purchasing an LG Washer within the next week and, unfortunately, it will not be purchased from Lowe’s.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Mimi Furgiuele

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