@lowes – Robert Niblock – Dear Sir, I got on the chat line asking for a price match. After about

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Dear Sir,
I got on the chat line asking for a price match. After about 20 minutes they came to the conclusion I needed to call a 800 number to get my price match done. Called the first time at 5pm central time and was told they were closed. Called again and spoke with Kim, very polite very nice. Gave her the item number #2461889 that I needed price matched, Premium Commercial Refridge. Gave her the website of the company selling them for $599, Gonichea.com. She told me even though I can pick the product up at their location because they also sell on Ebay the price match wasn't eligible. I explained they are not Ebay on sellers, they just sell products on Ebay as do many other companies. She stated her manager said no. Nicely I asked if I could speak with the manager to explain the situation, I was told she was busy. I asked if I could wait as I now had 3 plus hours all together trying to get this done, I was told no. she would have someone call me back. Weeks later still no call back. i'm just wondering if its always so hard to get the price matched. Home Depot would do it but I wanted to use my Lowes credit card. I like Lowes, always have and Ive spent 20k there in the last year or so but dang buying shouldn't be this hard. Not sure what/if you can help but just wanted someone to hear my frustrations. I've always had good service that's why I bought in to the Lowes credit card but I hope this can be resolved.

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