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I am writhing this in the hopes that it will get passed up the ladder in your company. My name is William Munizza and have been a long time and loyal Lowe's customer. I'm sure you can go back and see that I have been buying from Lowe's for a long time all items both small and large. I am a Veteran and love how you guys treat us with discounts right up to the parking.
Day 1
On Saturday February 15, 2020 I place an online order for a Arlo security system order #405837773 to pick up at your store in Egg Harbor, NJ #1034. When I ordered the order was taken, when I drove up to the store 30 Miles from where I was in Wildwood, NJ 08034 to be told that it was not in stock probably because it was only 1 and was probably the display model. Later on that evening I found that there was a store in Pennsylvania that had 4 of these in stock, so I placed the order # 405919815. Store 1572 in Langhorne, PA
Day 2
Before I made the drive up some 100 miles I called and spoke to Eric to make sure they indeed had the product. He took my number and said he would call back. 15 minutes later I received the call that he had in fact pulled the item and my order was ready for pick up. (I have the voicemail if you would like to hear it.) Arrived at the store around 3:30 to pick up the associate brought over to me a system that looked like what I ordered. 2 camera Arlo system. When I went to pay and use my Lowe's Gift Card she said she had to cancel the order and ring again, the item rang up at a much higher price. Turns out it was the correct 2 pack just newer model. The original system was marked down from 179 to 89 about 90 dollars off the original price. This system was ringing up at 249. I understand that there was a mistake in your inventory but that's not my fault. The store manager on duty Cherrel I believe is the name was very ignorant and not willing to do "Anything". This was extremely frustrating that I was being treated like I was the one that was wrong. Further more got on the phone at the store with customer service and was told there was nothing they could do it was up to the store manager. Later that evening I went back on to Lowe's .com and found the system and it said it could be ordered for truck delivery. Before placing another order I call customer service and spoke to Chris who was very helpful but unable to locate any systems. At that time he offered me a 10% discount which is all he could do. I asked to be transferred to someone higher up which he did to Karen. Again she was very nice and offered me 10% but after a lengthy conversation she said she would send out a $50.00 gift card. Which is appreciated but not satisfactory. Also that she was going to email me with a recap of what we talked about and still have not received that, although she may be sending out later.

I can't believe the way a customer that has been so loyal and for the amount of time and money that I have spent is not being satisfied. They should have offered me the system that was 249.00 for the same discount that was on the 89.00 one meaning taken 90 off the price and you would have had a customer that was taken care of and not disappointed with Lowe's and will not order from there again.

There are some questions that need to be asked.

1. Why till this day are things on line that are not available anywhere for delivery or pick up and have remained. This is completely misleading and continues to happen
2. Is it worth $90 to loose a customer that has been so patient and just feels like he's getting stock answers with no consideration that this has been 2 days and over 100 miles of time and travel. That just seems to not matter to anyone and should be addressed.
3. From my point of view you guys have a serious inventory issue at the store level. How can there be 5 in stock on line at a store but yet when they check there is (0). With today's day an age of scanning and inventory control this should never happen.

In closing I hope this gets some attention

Thank You,

William Munizza
Director of Ecommerce Fulfillment
Rainbow Shops, INC.

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