@lowes – Robert Niblock – Mr. Ellison, I want to keep this brief but I have a lot to say

Bruce Normand sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Mr. Ellison, I want to keep this brief but I have a lot to say in subsequent emails if I can confirm that I have your correct email address.
Let me start by saying I have 35 years in retail business, mostly in management, 12 years for Ace Hardware and 12 ½ at Lowes, among others. I am also a recently terminated Lowes Dept. Supervisor from Store 1813 in Bossier City, LA. The circumstances that I was terminated for, in my opinion and the opinion of other store associates and store customers and people that know me well, are unfair and actually very confusing.
Ever since you came on board as CEO, I read your first email that you sent to all of us and watched many podcasts of yours, and thought that this is a man who genuinely cares about the well being and concerns of others including the hard working associates of Lowes who are not in management. The monies you gave out for Covid 19, I think prove this. I feel that you are a sincere, ethical, and caring man with good morals. I truly believe this.
My Store manager, which is the sixth in 12 ½ years, Charles Lewis, has been with 1813 approx. 1 year and our Market Director, Jason McLure, less that 1 year. My immediate supervisor was Tony Cox, ASM Merchandising. Me and Tony seem to get along great. He has complimented me many, many times, even using me as an example to new hires on how hard we should all work and stay busy.
I have plenty to tell you about how associates are being treated under Charles Lewis and written up about things that are not completely accurate.
So in closing, to keep this short, I would like to confirm that I have your correct email address, and if you are truly interested in hearing more, please respond.


Bruce Normand
email: brucenormand2@yahoo.com

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