@lowes – Robert Niblock – Mr. Ellison, I received two contracts from lowes to replace my roof with new shingles

Kenneth Eller sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Mr. Ellison,
I received two contracts from lowes to replace my roof with new shingles, and repair a bad spot that I had which was 12"x12". I had 3 pieces of plywood ordered for this job,in which I never received, so the contractor decided to use chip board to repair it with. also they were suppose to install 2 vents and cover the area of the chimney but never happened. On the other contract it was to install 4 windows, batten siding, and 8 2x10's. The supplies set on a huge pallet for over a month in my driveway, and the installation support team( Chris Murphy) had no idea what was going on with my project from day to day. The contractor for this job was suppose to start last Friday, but never showed. I waited all day Monday for them, having to use vacation time, and one of the contractor's employees said they would be here Tuesday. So come Tuesday, using another vacation day, still no contractor. I contacted the contractor and told him not to worry about my job, that apparently he was over booked and he agreed. I then contacted Mr. Murphy and told him I needed someone from lowes to come and get the huge pallet of supplies out of the middle of the road, and take it back, he replied that I had done signed a contract, that there was nothing he could do. I proceeded to the lowes on Mccorkle avenue in Charleston to speak with the manager. She told me that she did not want involved and to contact the installation specialist that was over my job. I tried contacting him all day yesterday, but just kept on going to voice mail, so that told me he knew his contractor was way behind.I am very disappointed in the service I have received. I do not mind paying for the roof job,and paying for the materials that lowes will not take back,but I will not be forced to pay for the window and siding job due to the negligence of the contractor. I am hoping you will contact me by email and tell me what step's I need to take to get this nightmare over with,and still believe in lowes. Thank you for your time sir.

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