@lowes – Robert Niblock – On Wednesday 11-11-2020, Lowe's showed up at my door with my new stove. The Lowe's

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On Wednesday 11-11-2020, Lowe's showed up at my door with my new stove. The Lowe's employee was young, polite and professional. He struck me as a good kid. However, I was shocked to see that he arrived at my home alone. No other employees were with him. He moved my old stove six steps down, into the front yard and unto the Lowe's truck. He did this all by himself as my husband is on an oxygen machine 24/7 and was unable to help the kid. Once out side with my old stove, the Lowe's employee advised us that we might want to look at the new stove still in the truck. There was a huge dent on the side of the appliance. Well, our old stove was already on the truck at this point and the kid had worked hard getting the stove on the truck all by himself. The Lowe's employee told my husband and I that Lowe's would give us 20% off due to the dent. I considered that the dent would not be seen once installed beside the kitchen cabinets. I also considered the kid had moved the old appliance all by himself also. So my husband and I agreed to take the new but dented stove. The kid/Lowe's employee said the amount would be deducted from out credit card (Lowe's). On Saturday 11-14-2020, the Lowe's bill arrived. No 20% off mentioned on the bill. I realized it was maybe a bit early for the deducted amount to show up yet. So I called 1-800-444-1408. The Representative that answered asked if I had any paperwork to confirm the 20% off. I told her no. In good faith, I had trusted the Lowe's employee to keep his promise. The Customer Service Representative checked my account and did not find any mention of the 20% off deal on record. She advised me to call my local Lowe's Store Manager. I have called and spoke to the Manager but am waiting for a call back at this point. The Manager said he would call back in a few minutes but it has been a few hours at this point. So I am starting to get concerned

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