@lowes – Robert Niblock – Please help me get our delivery of cabinets that were ordered April 8th. The delivery

Charles Loveday, Maintenance manager US Navy sent a message to Robert Niblock that said:

Please help me get our delivery of cabinets that were ordered April 8th. The delivery company customer service is poor, and don’t care about Lowes reputation. The Lowe's Rep here states it's out of their control. At the time of order we noted that we don’t except deliveries after 3pm. The delivery company says “ well they deliver until 4”. We called 3 times yesterday Friday the 28th and were told each time they were coming. The latest call was at 2:30 . I stayed until 430, and never received a call. This morning the lied and said they called and no one answered. Then they changed their story and said one of the truck was leaking fluid and was refused access on to the Naval Base. So why didn’t the second truck deliver? Now they are saying it will be next week, this is unacceptable. The second delivery was schedule for Monday the 1st May. Today they showed up with an expired insurance card. I asked the driver to wait and I would take the deliver off the base. The driver was mad and took off. I'm told this is not a Lowes problem, but it is I did not order from a delivery company. Since they are not capable of delivering my cabinets to the Naval Station, I've asked to have them delivered to Lowe’s. I will pick them up at Lowes. As off today Lowes management tells me it will be another week( next Thursday) for my order to be delivered. I have never experience such a problem as I have with a simple order. This is holding up the completion of a major renovation project. I'm am very disappointing after being patient for so long. I am losing confidence in Lowes here locally can get my order to me in a reasonable time frame. Please help, my number to which the order is under is 904-270-5574 the orders are listed below.

Order 1
PO number 121427321
Invoice number 74537
Order 2
PO number 121427340
Invoice number 74671
Chuck Loveday
Facilities & Maintenance
Off 904-270-5574
Cell 904-742-1795

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