@Macys – Terry Lundgren – 8 November 2020 Mr. Gennette; As Macy's CEO you are likely not aware of staffing

Beth A. Shepard sent a message to Terry Lundgren that said:

8 November 2020

Mr. Gennette;

As Macy's CEO you are likely not aware of staffing practices at individual stores; nor should you be. I believe, however, that if I was in your position I would want to read my words (or pass them on to the appropriate executive person).

I was hired as a temporary holiday sales person Level 1 for 2020 (store #71702 in San Antonio, TX) and I attended training on November 4th and 5th (employee #11252342). While I understand the pragmatics of online training, the presence of those responsible for training would have been most helpful. I could not reliably access the online training and although told that our online progress would be "monitored" that apparently did not happen. I unknowingly accessed the Executive Training module and once I realized this error, I was unable to locate anyone to assist me (eventually located in a 'private' area, as I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed). It was a demeaning experience in the form of an unprofessional lecture.

Staff trainers represent Macy's attitude towards it's employees, and sales staff represent the Macy's image to customers. I would have represented the company well; I am an educated woman (The New School and Yale), and having lived in San Antonio since 1994 (university professor) I understand the unique culture here. The city of 1million + is majority Hispanic and Mexican Nationals often travel to San Antonio to shop.

I am disappointed that I will not be representing Macy's (I chose to discontinue my training following the unsettling interaction with training staff).

Beth A. Shepard
(employee #11252342)
San Antonio, TX

By the way, under the Reach Out Now tab on this website, Mr. Lundgren is listed as the CEO

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