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Dear Jeffrey,
I have an issue with a purchase that is very unique in all the years of buying anything. I am 59, so I've bought lot's of stuff. I know reaching out to the CEO for this matter is probably small potatoes but I wanted to at least try. Here's the story:
After a 15 year run I needed to retire my bed, a Stern's and Foster mattress that held the test of time. I went to Macy's on many recommendations and purchased a new mattress on 6/18/18, order #311314094 for mattress box and frame, encasement and worry no more plan. The bed was delivered and all seemed good, I was happy with this new bed. As the months passed I noticed a dip in one side of the mattress. It got progressively worse as time passed, I turned the mattress around and it kept getting worse to now include the full length of the mattress. I called Macy's, they sent an inspector who found a large dip, over 2" in the mattress. He said the box was damaged also.
I believe it was Nov of 2018 that the new mattress/box was delivered. All seemed good.
Months passed and again I notice a dip forming in the middle of the mattress. couldn't be. not again not a new one. It get's worse and I finally call Macy's. They send an inspector that notices not only a large dip in the bed, but he showed me where a spring was coming out of the side of the mattress. He said this mattress was damaged in shipping. In June of this year a new mattress was delivered. As with the others. It seemed great at first. Here it is Dec. and after a call to Macy's a week or so ago about the issue with the middle of the bed sagging. An inspector came today, took measurements and I could clearly see the 1" dip in the middle of the mattress. It's more then just the measurement the inspector finds. When I get into this bed I have to move to find a sweet spot because I really feel the depression in the bed.
The Inspector calls Macy's from my cell to tell them his findings, and hands me the phone. I am told Yes your bed has a 1" dip in it but we cannot replace it.
I have to tell you Jeffrey, the day I purchased the bed I bought for an additional $198 "worry no more" plan. Well, I am worrying. I asked to speak to a senior person and stated my case when she got on the phone. She told me yes they will replace the bed/box spring.
Over the course of the year and 1/2 and going on my 4th bed I did complain that I am having back pain and these beds are not helping me. They made adjustments to the original price and deducted something like $300 for the trouble of these defective beds. Today I am told that I will only get a credit for $650 as they will not add the $300 and reflect a full return on these defective beds. I have been sleeping on sub par bedding since I purchased my new bed from Macy's. I am asking for a full refund so I can go back into Macy's and choose a different brand. I was told today I'd have to spend more money to get a better bed. I am a musician. I don't have alot to spend on a bed yet will do my best to come up with additional funds for a better bed. I just am asking for a return on what I originally paid so I can put this towards a new bed. Frankly I have never experienced anything like this. I just want to good bed that I can get the 10 years+ promised me. I know it's holiday time yet if there was a way you could direct someone to look into this matter I would be very grateful. Thank You and Happy Holidays


Michael D'Agostino
(sleepless in West Milford, NJ)
www.michaeldagostino.com 862.377.1025

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