@Macys – Terry Lundgren – Dear Mr. Gennette: I have been a Macy's customer all of my life, I'm 72

Maryjane Schambach sent a message to Terry Lundgren that said:

Dear Mr. Gennette: I have been a Macy's customer all of my life, I'm 72, and my grandmother and mother shopped at Macy's Herald Square store for decades. I have never been so disgusted with a store in my life, for one primary reason....there is NO WAY to contact the division that handles online sales. I placed an order last week part of which has to be returned...your sales receipt, unlike any other company I buy from, does not contain a return label. I went to the online instructions to find the mailing address for returns...one must possess a printer to print out a label. My Chromebook does not have a printer attached. I have spent the better share of today, wasting time that I don't have much left of trying to find any possible method of contacting you...the portals available on your site and in online searches are totally controlled by a computer voice and do nothing other than run one in circles, very aggravating, refusing access to a live human (I even tried the chat portal and got a computer who told me humans were unavailable, I feel like i'm in a disturbing science fiction novel) and convincing me I need to shop elsewhere....you closed the store nearest to me, so I cannot return the items there. What I need is the address to which I can return these items without having to print out a label....an address I can hand write on to a piece of paper and attach to the package. I would urge you to look into the matter of not including return labels with orders....I know of no other company who does not do this. I'd appreciate contact from a human being. Thank you.

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